USB adapter cable


USB cable for plastic star ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø

Suitable for lighting of Herrnhut Stars A1e
USB-Adapter is pre-assembled, with cable (approx. 2,5m) and miniature sockets.

Only usable in connection with an USB-charger (mobile phone charger) or a PC-USB-port (or others). A suitable USB-charger with (Output 1000mA) is offered separately:

A Charger is not included – it is possible to use an existing USB-charger with following specifications:  5V DC / min. 500 mA – max. 1000mA

Do not connect the USB-adapter directly into a wall socket!

Main material:  Plastic
Plug in: CA/USA
Assembly options:  Replacement
Use: Indoor use only
Cable: ~ 2.5 m / 98.5 inch long
For connecting max. two Herrnhut plastic star ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø

(USB cable only)

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USB adapter cable

Indoor battery pack for plastic star ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø

The origin of the Herrnhut Christmas Stars

USB adapter cable. The Herrnhut Star, which originated over 160 years ago in the Renewed Moravian Church, is considered the source of all handmade Christmas stars. At the beginning of the 19th century, the first star made of paper and cardboard shone in the rooms of the boarding school of the Moravian Church. Constructed by a mathematics instructor in class, the star served as a communication tool to improve geometric comprehension. Since then, children have been crafting their stars on the first Sunday in Advent, thereby introducing this custom to their families. Even today, beginning the peaceful Christmas season with a Herrnhuter Stern is still a charming tradition.

THE MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY - A star to ward off homesickness

Of course, these boarding schools could not take the place of home. Being separated from their parents was very painful for the children, especially during the Advent and Christmas season. Hence the star as a symbol of the Bible story was a welcome helpmate. A teacher first used the star in mathematics class as a way to help children better understand geometry. He let the children at the boarding school construct stars of various geometrical shapes and these stars later adorned the schoolrooms. The first stars were coloured white and red – white for purity and red for the blood of Jesus Christ. From then on, the children always crafted their stars on the first Sunday in Advent and carried this custom back to their families.

FROM 1991 - A new beginning

The development of business and political frameworks since 1989 made a new beginning possible for the production of
Herrnhut Stars, with the relaunch of the private limited company “Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH” employing 23 workers in 1991. The sales department needed to be completely rebuilt. In addition, new materials were used and the production process was modernised.

Learn more about the historical background...

USB adapter cable

Imported from Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH

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