Personalized Paddle Board Bamboo

Custom engraved paddle board with your choice of design! Pricing depends on design. Please contact us before placing an order!

The cutting boards are perfect for serving fresh baked bread, fruit, charcuterie, and hors d’oeuvres. Use it at your home, restaurant, wedding, café, or bistro. They are lightweight, long-lasting and easily usable.

Serving Paddle Board: 6.25″ x 19″ x 0.6″

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Personalized Paddle Board Bamboo

This Personalized Paddle Board Bamboo makes a great unique gift for any occasion! It is a perfect gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other Anniversaries. Personalize this bamboo cutting board with an actual handwritten message, recipe, drawing, logo or custom message using a font or have us design something for you. Get as creative and meaningful as possible. We will work with you until you are satisfied with the layout and design. Please email us about the details of your personal order.

Due to the nature of bamboo, the coloring, markings, knots, and rustic characteristics will vary and may result in lighter and darker areas in the engraving and wood boards. Each board will be unique.

Details of the Personalized Paddle Board Bamboo :

  • The cutting boards feature a bamboo wood with a smooth surface and rounded edges
  • Custom laser engraving
  • Option of single or double sided
  • We will send you a proof for layout purposes


YouTube - How to care for your Bamboo Cutting Board

1. Wash and dry the cutting board immediately after each use. Don't ever let your bamboo board soak in the sink or go into the dishwasher. Long exposure to water (and heat in the dishwasher) will warp or crack your board faster than you can say "Oops." Instead, wash your board with some warm water and soap, rinse it, and dry it completely with a towel. Stand the board vertically on its side to dry, or lean it in an open-air dish rack.

2. To season, put about ½ cup of food-grade mineral oil in a saucepan, and warm it on the stove. You don't need it hot-just warm enough to get into the pores of the bamboo. Pour the oil onto your dry cutting board and rub in a circular motion (like Karate Kid) with a clean cloth. Make sure you oil all sides of your cutting board; the mineral oil acts as a hydrator and a barrier for the bamboo, giving it some necessary moisture while keeping excess water out.

3. Use lemon juice or baking soda if your board develops any weird stains or smells. Sprinkle some juice or powder over the spot, then scrub it with a damp, warm rag. Afterward, your board should smell fresh and look clean once more.

Something very important for your personalized cutting board:

  • You will need to oil your board regularly to keep up the shine and water-proofing. About once a month is a good schedule to keep; however, if you're a cooking enthusiast who's breaking out your board a few times a day, you may want to up the frequency to every two weeks.
  • Bamboo needs a certain amount of moisture to keep from splitting and cracking. You don't want to use a cleaning product that will dry out the board like bleach or rubbing alcohol.
  • Never use cooking oils to season your board, as these will turn rancid.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 8 cm


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