Incense Smoker Tree Pilfer Gnome brown

This Incense Smoker Tree Pilfer Gnome brown comes is trying to sneak away with a Christmas tree. The color of the hair and beard depends on the texture of the fur. He stands with his boots on a round disc.

Height: 19 cm

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Incense Smoker Tree Pilfer Gnome brown

The Incense Smoker Tree Pilfer Gnome brown is trying to sneak away with a Christmas tree. The color of the hair and beard depends on the texture of the fur. He stands with his boots on a round disc.

The woodturning workshops of Drechselwerkstatt Uhlig are a family run company. They only process regional woods such as pine, ash or beech with their trademark being the very special beard. Please note that because the beard is made of natural fur the color of the beard will be gray or brown or in between. Also, the color of the incense smoker will not necessarily be the same as shown in the picture.


Incense Smoker Tree Pilfer Gnome - Handmade by Drechselwerkstatt Uhlig, Germany

For many years, our family has been associated with the traditional art of turning and carving in the Ore Mountains. In 1990 we turned our hobby into a profession and founded our family business, which became a registered craft business in 1993. Just four years later, the old production facility had become too small. We moved to a new building and expanded the range of services.

Committed to tradition, we are inspired by our homeland, the beautiful Ore Mountains. This is how the idea of our gnomes came about, which is characterized by their special beard design made of natural fur. Therefore, each incense smoker is different and has a unique appearance.

We make our distinctive incense smokers from local woods such as pine, ash, and beech. By incorporating natural materials such as cones, branches, moss, berries and felt, we give our gnomes a traditional look. You can usually recognize the real Uhlig smoker gnomes by the special shape of their beards. We always try to preserve the natural structure of the wood, even using parts with a colored design.

We are also happy to fulfill your individual wishes. Take your time and experience a piece of unmistakable Erzgebirge tradition and craftsmanship.

The design of the natural materials used, such as stones, wood, beards, may differ in color, shape and size from the item photo. This is not a reason for complaint! When smoking with the incense candle, the beard at the mouth and nose will become discolored. This is in the nature of the incense smoker and cannot be prevented! Please push the beard out of the mouth hole before use so that a good draft is guaranteed.

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