Incense Burner The Pyramid

USD 26.00

Incense Burner The Pyramid manufactured by HUSS in Germany.

Included are:

  • 1 Incense Cone Pyramid
  • 1 incense cone holder with an ash crucible
  • 1 sample pack of frankincense cones
  • 1 pyramid wing

Made entirely out of metal, non-flammable

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Incense Burner The Pyramid

Incense Burner The Pyramid

The development of our Original Neudorf Aromatic Pyramids is fitting evidence of how the warmth generated by glowing incense cones can move something. The Aromatic Pyramids combine the agreeable fragrance of smouldering with gentle movement. The precisely manufactured parts, made entirely out of steel, guarantee long-lasting, reliable use. This is a fine piece of Ore Mountains craftsmanship!

For use with our black incense cones.

  • lit incense candle moved up time the wing by heat rising
  • the pyramid wings and tip become dirty over time. Occasionally clean using a fat solvent e.g. alcohol.
  • our black incense cones are best suited for this pyramid
  • trailing the wing after the smoldering of the incense candle

Time for Family

Hundreds of television channels are transmitted into many households these days. Additionally there is the internet and smart phones. In households, everyone has their own screen and people tend to live in their own little worlds. I find this a problematic development. I draw hope from the fact that when speaking to children, in contrast, they want to spend more time with their parents for playing, talking and other shared experiences. Every day is 24 hours – we have time – the question is what do we do with it? Time invariably seems to run away. My question is: can we alter our perception of time running so fast? Or can we at least change how we spend our time?

Our fragrance and incense burners are of high quality. And we produce them in various forms, such as small pots, pans, ovens, stoves, pyramids, jugs and locomotives, they capture the hearts of young and old alike.

Order a box of cones or sticks to enjoy the amazing fragrances. Not only for Christmas, these fragrances small nice the entire year.

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