Herrnhuter Mini Star 3″

Our tiny Herrnhuter Star truly is the star of the show. An enrichment to every decoration, not only at Christmas, but to several other events and holidays! It spreads a pleasant light and creates a cozy atmosphere for your home. It also makes the perfect housewarming gift because of its long-lasting effects.

The star can be used easily and conveniently with a choice of different power sources. It can be used through a plug connection with a power supply, a battery pack, or through a USB cable! Power supply sold seperately.

Even without a power source, the electrical lightning cable with a bulb is included and should be placed on top to act as the 26th point of the star. The cable is used for suspension.

Product size: 8 cm / 3 inch

Color: white

Main material: Plastic

Plug in: CA/USA

Assembly options: Assembled

Use: Indoor use only

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Herrnhuter Mini Star 3" A1 - power supply sold separately

~ 8 cm / 3 inch ø

Herrnhuter Mini Star 3"

The origin of the Christmas stars

Learn more about the Herrnhuter Mini Star 3" and its origin... Originated over 160 years ago, the Herrnhuter Star is considered to be the inspiration and source of all handmade Christmas stars. At the start of the 19th century, the star made an appearance in the rooms of the boarding school of the Moravian Church, made of paper and cardboard. It was constructed by a mathematics instructor in class, and then served as a communication tool to improve geometric comprehension. Since then, the star has created its own history and traditions. Children have been crafting stars on the first Sunday in Advent, thus introducing this custom to their families and friends. Even today the Herrnhuter Star makes for a charming tradition. Learn more…

Herrnhuter Sterne Manufaktur has been creating Herrnhuter Stars the traditional way, by hand, since 1897. Our long-established company is sensitive to preserving this time-honoured tradition today, and truly embodies the term “manufacture.” Even today diligent hands are folding and pasting to create both small and large points to create the famous star. The focus of this company is on the unique craft and enables us to unite quality with handiwork in its purest form. Each star is meticulously crafted with patience and care. Therefore, every Herrnhuter Star is one of a kind! Owning one of these simple, colourful stars invites you into a group of people across the world that take this symbol of the Star of Bethlehem with them home and to their families.

Learn more about the historical background...

Herrnhuter Mini Star 3" A1

Imported from Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 10 cm

yellow, white, red, yellow/red, white/red, blue, green


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