CNR 6060 by Linda Boyd

Handpainted on Canvas

24 x 30 inches

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CNR 6060 by Linda Boyd

CNR 6060 by Linda Boyd was painted on Canvas.

Linda Boyd was born in 1953 on August 14 but a fire on the day she was born destroyed her birth records and she was handed a new date of birth as August 15. Originally from the Downtown East Side in Vancouver, B.C., she had three main passions: pets, dance and art.

By the young age of seven, she was a prize-winning artist, as well as winning prizes with her rabbits. Selling art and busking, along with her dancing, she easily paid for the upkeep of over a dozen pets. Linda met her future husband, Glen Boyd, when she was just 13. However, her second meeting with him was when she was 16 at a music festival where she was Gogo dancing with a band in New York. After speaking about art, they found out they had lived their lives only miles apart in Vancouver. Linda and Glen married a few years after that second meeting and while they were comparing art prizes they had previously won, they discovered that the prize Glen had won at 10 years old, the youngest winner ever was Linda three years later when she was just seven!

While raising their three children. Linda also drove trucks, worked in construction, danced and gave lessons, and completed runway modeling. After the children had grown up, Linda returned to her art as her main passion and source of income.

Linda and Glen have an almost identical style in their work, but Linda chose to paint her own fields. She perfected painting trains, and Canadian, or Korean Lighthouses. She also has a series of black and white small, cute paintings of dancers, pets acting like humans, and Zodiac signs. Glen’s favourite is a single-coloured painting of dragons in every colour that dragons were thought to exist in, including white, which was on a black background.

In 1989 she was given the diagnosis of six months to live due to kidney damage from a car accident. Linda continued to paint, mostly the 8x10 matted small paintings, until 2017 when she could no longer due to failing hand use. Though, by using her teeth (she steadied the hand with her teeth) she still turned out a few amazing pieces which Glen cherishes to this day.

Unfortunately, in the evening of March 28, 2020, she passed away in the hospital.  The Covid lockdown made it difficult for Glen to bring her a proper diet, the one that allowed her to happily live well passed her initial six-month diagnosis.

Glen is selling her art to keep her memory alive and hopes you enjoy it as much as he does.

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