All in one Place


“Ore Mountains Emergency Kit”

You will need it – Every time and everywhere! Incense Cones, matches, and burning underlay

Whether at home, in the office, or on your travels, the All in one Place is your faithful companion, wherever you are, at any time, to help you pursue the Ore Mountain tradition of burning incense cones.

Content: 3 incense cones, 4 matches, extractable fireproof base
Incense cones approx. 30 tall
Colour: black
Weight per pack: 10 g
Size: height/width/depth: 50 mm/35 mm/15 mm
Fragrance: Frankincense

Read our safety instructions carefully!

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All in one Place

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All in one Place

About my grandfather, Kurt Huss.

My grandfather, Kurt Huss, founded HUSS Incense Cone Production in Neudorf in the Ore Mountains, Saxony in 1929. Above all, it was an economically difficult time. And in the winter of 1928/29 he began to earn a meagre extra income. After that, he produced incense cones from fine charcoal and natural resin. The cones, "Weihrichkarzle", were exclusively handmade.

About my father, Siegfried Huss.

With the demise of my grandfather, the 1950s-founded HUSS incense cone factory was closed in 1970. However, my father, Siegfried Huss continued the good tradition despite shortages and bottlenecks.

About the son, Jürgen Huss.

At the beginning of the 90s, I, Jürgen Huss, founded the HUSS incense cone company again. Nowadays, our "Neidorfer Weihrichkarzle“ enjoy increasing popularity and are known in many places.  Keeping strictly to the good tradition of producing fine incense cones out of natural materials. As a trained mechanical engineer, I am always trying to break new ground in this direction.

This, among other projects, brought about the production of HUSS No.1, which is incense cone material pressed into rod form. This results in totally new uses. Something that is especially appealing to the fragrance connoisseur. We have even returned to using traditional packaging from the "good old times". We produce artful and durable products from various sheets of metal and good solid cardboard. For instance, these products are always complemented by the incomparable content of fine incense cones. In other words, "It smells as good as it always did".

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All in one Place

Incense Cones, known as "Räucherkerzen", the fine-smelling cones from the Ore Mountains, are an essential part of Christmas Time. In Neudorf, we are producing exceptionally fine cones. And we make them of entirely natural materials according to an old family recipe since 1930.
Our cones are a part of undiluted Nature!

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